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Team Beauty Boss Sales C-20

Well, it is so exciting to see that the sales were good! Where do I begin? I have to say that this Campaign was a so-so one. I am ready for all of the holiday stuff. We had one winner this time in the c-20 Sales Challenge! This was the last Campaign for the Skin Care Sales Challenge. The new Sales Challenge for C-21 and C-22 is all about makeup.

The winner of the C-20 Sales Challenge is Michelle Kampwerth! Congratulations, on a job well done! In fact, Michelle has won all three times in this challenge. She is working on that Premier Level.

This team has been growing in size as of this campaign. Feel free to invite your team members to our Team Page on Facebook!


Our team sales for Campaign 20 are $1,604 and $52,981 YTD. As a team, we are up 65.94% from the last 26 campaign sales. Quite an achievement in that too. If you haven’t started a team, this is another option, too.

When you hit the Premier Level which will give you a 5% increase in commissions. For every $200 in Sales New Reps will get a $20 bonus. Pathway to Premier is for your first 8 campaigns only. I will be posting everyone’s total sales for the year so far in 2020 in a few days. Be on the lookout for that.

Campaign 20, Total Sales for 2020 are as follows:

NOTE: Online Sales are counted in with total sales for Campaign Sales!

You all should be very proud of each other. Some Campaigns are better than others. We are all a part of this and support each other. If there is something that you are unsure of, please ask. WE are all here to support one another.

Do you make a plan for Avon?

Do you set a sales goal?

Do you need help with either of these? I do make a plan and always a sales goal. Do I always make them NO! But I love it when I exceed them. You need to have a base in mind and really stick with it. We are talking a short term goal (two weeks) and a long term goal (year). You can always have a mega goal (will take a few years).

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Campaign 18 Sales

Wow! What can I say you all are amazing! There are so many people that are in different stages with Avon. Please feel free to reach out and ask anyone of us if you have any questions. I know that Avon can be very overwhelming at times. There is lots to take in and two weeks goes by faster than you think.

The Sales Challenge

During Campaign 18, I decided to create a Sales Challenge. The Sales Challenge is selling Avon, I think we needed something to kick off 4 quarter. The Sales Challenge was to sell $225 for each of the campaigns, which is Campaigns 18, 19, and 20. I am so proud that two of our teammates achieved this. A big Congratulations, to Lisa Torres and Michelle Kampwerth. This was above and beyond since the challenge was announced 5 days before the campaign ended. Awesome selling to you both!

Now lets see who will be a winner in Campaign 19! if you have recently started a team. Make sure they know about the challenge and feel free to invite them to our Team Page on Facebook!


Defiantly can see some of you will be hitting the Premier Level which will give you an increases in commissions. For every $200 in Sales New Reps will get a $20 bonus. Campaign 18 Sales for 2020 are as follows:

You all should be very proud of each other. Some Campaigns are better than others. We are all a part of this and support each other. If there is something that you are unsure of, please ask.

Stay focused, keep up with Avon U, and make sure you are using Avon Social. If you need help with anything, text, call, or email me.

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Get Your Free Kit Today!

Like all companies, sometimes you just have to change things up. Starting with C 16, 2019 Avon has changed up the starter kits! They’re even better than before and packed with some of our best products! For your $30, you are getting an amazing option in kits. Every kit is more than double the $30 sign up fee. Not to mention all the other goodies you receive too! Unfortunately, you only can pick one of them. It is time to spread the word about these amazing sets and all the perks of joining the Avon Nation—and get recruiting! When you are apart of Avon Nation, you are never alone. I personally am here to get you started and support you along the way!

When I started selling the kits were different and so were a lot of things! I wouldn’t change anything that I have acquired with Avon for anything. Although, nothing happens overnight. I have learned all kinds of things and still continue to grow my business daily. I have grown as an individual and have a great team. When I tell you that the sky is the limit with Avon, that is no joke. I wish I started selling years ago, I believe that all good things come to everyone. I work hard, but honestly, I could work harder and have more customers and teammates, but I have a life too. The other great thing with Avon is that they are all about incentives and you winning them. Do they take an effort? Absolutely! Do I love wining them? Yes, you bet! If I can do this, you can too! I look forward to helping you in your journey!

Become an Avon Representative


If you have any question please contact me! I am here to help you.

There are a few ways to sign up! Pick 1, 2, or 3

  1. use reference code CFRENI
  2. Go to my online store click on SELL AVON or BECOME A REPRESENTATIVE
  3. Or just click here Become an Avon Representative
  4. Pick Your Kit, Pay Fee and Submit Application
  5. Congratulations! You are now an official Avon Representative and your own Beauty Boss!


  1. Low start up fee.
  2. Free website.
  3. Free training.
  4. Endless Support.
  5. Being your own boss.


Once you become an Avon Representative and are on my team, I will receive an email from corporate within 12 to 24 hours. I will reach out and contact you. I will send you an email with the link to our Beauty Boss group page. There you will find support from our team along with ideas and challenges. I encourage you to be a part of our fun! While you are waiting for your kit to come in, we can get you started with other parts of the business as well as selling! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

You can follow me on my other social media as well:

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Are You Ready to Move On?


You know there is never the right time to do any one thing. And that is so true with Avon too. Most people will tell you to start your team as soon as possible. Which, I agree with to a point. Mine stated 6 months in to selling and I had no idea what was going on. Avon does keep you informed on everything. I love having my team which is 14 members strong. Everyone has a totally different reason for joining Avon. No matter what your why is, just remember this is a business and not a job. If you are not an Avon Representative yet, click here!

You Got This!


You’ve got your Avon business in high gear, crush every incentive and love living the Boss Life.  Now, You’re ready for Leadership!
The easiest way to start is to Share the Passion for Avon, invite others to see how the Avon opportunity can work for them and start building a team. Take the business you love to the next level. This is always an exciting thing, however, it can be frustrating. I will gladly explain more about that some other time.

Dream Big!


This is such an exciting time, enjoy it. Here are just a few of the many perks in starting your amazing team. Your mentor is here to support you along the way too. You are never alone.

  • Higher earnings
  • More fun and teamwork
  • More pride in mentoring and empowering the other women to succeed
  • More knowledge, confidence and skills
  • More exciting opportunities and development with Avon


I said Bonuses, not Incentives, which is something else all together.

  • Bonuses for recruiting, sponsoring and advising as you build your team
  • Bonuses on team sales as you help your team succeed
  • Bonuses for moving up in title as you continue your own success
  • And other cash rewards!
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Team Sales Campaign 5, 2019

Sorry that I have not sent this out sooner!

After all that is happening in the Avon world, I am happy to say Sales are still in the upswing. Sales through holidays can be tricky trying to decide what will sell, well honestly there are no answers. You never know what the Avon customer will be looking for next.

I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for this team. Whether you are out selling, helping someone else out, or just lending an ear for someone to vent too. Believe me, you are helping us all out. Thank You!

Congratulations to all of you that put Orders in for Campaign 5. Give yourself a round of applause. You deserve every bit of it! WOOHOO! I am proud of you all. No order is ever too small. You are out there making yourselves known. Customers are loyal to their Avon Favorites. With that said POST, POST, AND POST more for those incentives and money.

The quote below is one of my favorites, it is what Avon is all about! Selling Avon is not difficult, it is something that you have to be consistent with. The number one thing I hear from my customers is “Will you be here in a month?” Share your links, if you do not know how just ask. Deliver your books, you bought now use them.