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Campaign 5 Sales and Challenge Winners

Campaign 5 welcomed some new CBD items! Not a bad campaign! Wish they all could be this good! You all did an awesome job! With sales like this, we would all be in Hawaii! I did make Gold Ambassador but that will slip back down to Silver Ambassador.


Campaign 5, Total Sales for 2021 are as follows:

Number 1 in Sales for campaign 5 is Lisa Torres with $405 in sales! Way to go! Let’s keep that going!

Our team sales for Campaign 5 is $5663 and YTD is $13398. As a team, we are up 62% from last year’s sales. If you haven’t started a team, this is another opportunity you may want to look into.

NOTE: Online Sales are counted in with total sales for Campaign Sales!

Team Sales Challenge

A big Congratulations on getting level 4, Lisa Torres! A great job to all of you! Goodies are being mailed out on Wednesday.

The key to selling is to share Avon with everyone you meet. Will Avon be for everyone? No, it will not. Do not take it personally. If you are not handing out brochures be sure to share those links with everyone and on all your social media posts.

If you are not part of our Facebook team page, just click on the link to join our Team Page on Facebook!

You all should be very proud of each other. Some Campaigns are better than others. We are all a part of this and support each other. If there is something that you are unsure of, please ask. We are all here to support one another.

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Campaign 17 Sales

Campaign 17 seemed to start off a bit slow. I was happy to see it picked up in the end. What are your thoughts on this?

You all are very amazing people, so grateful to have you apart of the team. If you are not apart of our team Facebook page, please join us, click on the link or copy and paste. For those of you that have started a team please go ahead and add them.

During the summer it is so hard to figure out customers. Distractions are abundant while the kids are out of school. It is more important than ever to follow up with your customers. This is a weak spot for me, trust me on this. I am getting better with it. I forget things all the time, I need to keep notes and alerts on my phone.

WE are all still battling COVID and businesses opening and closing. If you are not able to get out, keep posting on all of your social media accounts. Avon has a great program that you will help you called Avon Social. Take advantage of this if you are not using it.

You all should be reaching out to past customers, take advantage of My Dashboard. You can find this on> go to Manage Business> then My Dashboard is there. This will tell you more about whom to follow up.

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Are You Ready to Move On?


You know there is never the right time to do any one thing. And that is so true with Avon too. Most people will tell you to start your team as soon as possible. Which, I agree with to a point. Mine stated 6 months in to selling and I had no idea what was going on. Avon does keep you informed on everything. I love having my team which is 14 members strong. Everyone has a totally different reason for joining Avon. No matter what your why is, just remember this is a business and not a job. If you are not an Avon Representative yet, click here!

You Got This!


You’ve got your Avon business in high gear, crush every incentive and love living the Boss Life.  Now, You’re ready for Leadership!
The easiest way to start is to Share the Passion for Avon, invite others to see how the Avon opportunity can work for them and start building a team. Take the business you love to the next level. This is always an exciting thing, however, it can be frustrating. I will gladly explain more about that some other time.

Dream Big!


This is such an exciting time, enjoy it. Here are just a few of the many perks in starting your amazing team. Your mentor is here to support you along the way too. You are never alone.

  • Higher earnings
  • More fun and teamwork
  • More pride in mentoring and empowering the other women to succeed
  • More knowledge, confidence and skills
  • More exciting opportunities and development with Avon


I said Bonuses, not Incentives, which is something else all together.

  • Bonuses for recruiting, sponsoring and advising as you build your team
  • Bonuses on team sales as you help your team succeed
  • Bonuses for moving up in title as you continue your own success
  • And other cash rewards!
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Campaign 2 Team Sales

Congratulations to all of you!

My apologies that this was so late in getting out. I have has a few things happening over the last two weeks, which is no excuse.

Campaign 2 2019 Team Sales

Campaign 2 was a challenge due to the out of stocks on key items. If at any time, you run into a situation of out of stock products. Check with the team or me, I have a few things on hand. Congratulations again!

Are your sales where you want them to be? Are you track for Presidents Club? If not, let’s talk to see what we can plan out for you.

Are you taking advantage of all the ways you can make money with Avon? There are quite a few ways:

  • Brochure Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Parties (online or book)
  • Having helpers
  • Leadership
  • Incentives (cash buy out option on some)

Don’t leave the money sitting there for someone else to take!

By now you have heard that Avon will be making some changes. I understand that this may be tough on some of you, we will get through this. I will try to address any questions that you have, in the end, these changes will be beneficial.