Avon’s RepFest

Many direct selling companies have conventions once a year for the people. Avon is no different, well maybe a little. Avon is all about the party! Nobody parties like Avon! If you are lucky to attend one you will see. At this time, I have been lucky to go to two of them. Every year it is held in a new place. That is one of the many perks.

When attending Avon RepFest, you will choose your hotel and how you are getting there. Avon blocks out a certain number of rooms at select and we get group savings. Many of the rooms have two beds that way you can share a room with others. This does help with the expense of the hotel. You are always welcome to stay anywhere. You can get the hotel for a couple of days before and after for the same rate. Make it a vacation time for the family too. Parking is always available at a cost too. Sometimes paying a little more for the hotel does work. If you are really lucky it is your home town. Avon offers you a corporate rate on flights which is nice. Most of the time we have three airlines to choose from. I know for sure that Southwest is one of the partners. I used them last year. I have driven too. Goodness, you can even ride the bus. Where there is a will, there is a way!

At RepFest, you will have an Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Which is always exciting. They love to give out prizes during them. You are entered just by purchasing your event tickets. Which is for three days. You have training for the three days too. Which is like no other. Some days it is morning and afternoon. Get the most out of it. Meet new Avon Representatives, which is always nice. We will have a Guest Speaker too! Product Expo is the best time ever. Here you can see quite a bit of the Avon products that will be coming out in the 4th quarter. Which are the holidays! You will have an option of purchasing kits, {ususally two of them) which is at a great price. Remember though if you are not giving them as a gift, you will have to sell them to customers to get that money back. How could I forget the Swag Bag? You will get a stylish bag and a few Avon products in it. I always love getting it. Hmm, with all of this I forgot to mention that you will have something else a party? Or maybe a Concert? I have had both! This year will be no different!

The cost can be a bit much. I recommend a group that Tina Patton does on Facebook. She does a great job setting up the group by categories and answers questions. She has information on scooter rentals, food, what to see while are there, roommates, carpools, and other things.

I see this as an investment in my business! I hope to see you all there!