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Team Sales Campaign 5, 2019

Sorry that I have not sent this out sooner!

After all that is happening in the Avon world, I am happy to say Sales are still in the upswing. Sales through holidays can be tricky trying to decide what will sell, well honestly there are no answers. You never know what the Avon customer will be looking for next.

I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for this team. Whether you are out selling, helping someone else out, or just lending an ear for someone to vent too. Believe me, you are helping us all out. Thank You!

Congratulations to all of you that put Orders in for Campaign 5. Give yourself a round of applause. You deserve every bit of it! WOOHOO! I am proud of you all. No order is ever too small. You are out there making yourselves known. Customers are loyal to their Avon Favorites. With that said POST, POST, AND POST more for those incentives and money.

The quote below is one of my favorites, it is what Avon is all about! Selling Avon is not difficult, it is something that you have to be consistent with. The number one thing I hear from my customers is “Will you be here in a month?” Share your links, if you do not know how just ask. Deliver your books, you bought now use them.

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Team Sales Campaign 4, 2019

Sales with Team 4 are posted below. Congratulations and Thank you all for the hard work you put into your Avon Business. Some campaigns things flow so easy. Be on the lookout for new prospects for either customers or people who would like to sign up. Are you leaving brochures or doing more social media posts. The algorithms show most people do not see all your posts. Post often and on different sites.

I know that there have been out of stocks with this brochure too. Holiday items still seem to be a problem. It is quite frustrating for sure. I will be happy when the first quarter is over. I try not to dwell on the issues but I do want to know how you all feel about this. You can comment below or message me.

Avon will soon be promoting to Go Digital sign up. For you as a representative really nothing will change. You as well as new sign-ups can order brochures and be digital on social media. The big difference will be that there is no kit. $25 will be the only sign-up fee at this writing I will let you know more when we get more information on this. Until they go live they can purchase a kit.

Are your sales where you want them to be? Are you track for Presidents Club? If not, let’s talk to see what we can plan out for you. Looks like President club will be at $15,000. (This is still a rumor.)

Are you taking advantage of all the ways you can make money with Avon? Don’t let this money go to someone else. There are quite a few ways:

  • Brochure Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Parties (online or book)
  • Having helpers
  • Leadership
  • Incentives (cash buy out option on some incentives)

We are a team and we are to help support one another. Be here for one another, whether it is to cheer them on or share in their dilemmas.

Think outside the box!

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Team Sales Campaign 3, 2019

Congratulations Team Beauty Bosses!

Campaign 3 Sales were definitely better. I know I hate when I don’t get to a certain level. As you all know there are double award dollars until RepFest to get you all at Presidents Club. Take advantage of this. Are any of you planning on attending RepFest 2019?

Team Sales Campaign 3, 2019

Are your sales where you want them to be? Are you track for Presidents Club? If not, let’s talk to see what we can plan out for you.

Are you taking advantage of all the ways you can make money with Avon? There are quite a few ways:

  • Brochure Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Parties (online or book)
  • Having helpers
  • Leadership
  • Incentives (cash buy out option on some)

Don’t leave the money sitting there for someone else to take!

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Mark Discontinued


The following items will be discontinued in the 1st quarter of 2019. Avon hates that we have to discontinue some of the favorites, but we do need room for some more exciting products that are coming your way soon.

To see the items that are suggested you can go to my Avon Estore and make purchases directly online. If you are interested in signing up and receiving discounts on your Avon and make some money too, click here to Become A Beauty Boss!

Mark is changing some of their products!

These are suggestions for Avon True Color Eye Shadow singles.

You can suggest True Color Quads or Glimmerstick

Refer to Glimmerstick

No more Butter Lip or Lip Stains

Mark is suggesting these shades in True Color Powders.

Suggest these!

Mark Liquid Foundation Suggestions

No current suggestions

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Campaign 2 Team Sales

Congratulations to all of you!

My apologies that this was so late in getting out. I have has a few things happening over the last two weeks, which is no excuse.

Campaign 2 2019 Team Sales

Campaign 2 was a challenge due to the out of stocks on key items. If at any time, you run into a situation of out of stock products. Check with the team or me, I have a few things on hand. Congratulations again!

Are your sales where you want them to be? Are you track for Presidents Club? If not, let’s talk to see what we can plan out for you.

Are you taking advantage of all the ways you can make money with Avon? There are quite a few ways:

  • Brochure Sales
  • Online Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Parties (online or book)
  • Having helpers
  • Leadership
  • Incentives (cash buy out option on some)

Don’t leave the money sitting there for someone else to take!

By now you have heard that Avon will be making some changes. I understand that this may be tough on some of you, we will get through this. I will try to address any questions that you have, in the end, these changes will be beneficial.

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Avon Online Business Tips

Six Simple Steps for Building Your Online Business

  • Get digitally ready
  • Convert existing customers
  • Get new online customers
  • Recruit digital Representatives
  • Become an Influencer
  • Follow up

Checklist for Success!

  • Set up and personalize your online store.
  • Create a bookmark to your store on your phone.
  • Add a link to your online store to all your communications.
  • Create your Instagram account

Secrets to Success

  • Register yourself on your online store.
  • Become an expert about your own online store
  • View your store on a computer AND a mobile device

Get New Online Customers

  • Ask the potential customer for a phone number
  • Connect with Social Media, Facebook or Instagram
  • Put your contact information in your phone (makes a digital business card) so you can share instantly
  • Keep a personal relationship going

Recruit Digital Representatives

  • Digital Representatives start immediately selling,
  • No Kits
  • No Books

Become an Influencer

  • You do this already when asking for a recommendation
  • Use products
  • Share opinions
  • Take before and after photos

Follow Up for Online Businesses

  • Thank for their order
  • Remind to register online
  • Share with them
  • Let them no about offers
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Repfest 2017

This seems so long ago and in fact, it was only two years. This would be the first Avon RepFest that I would attend. I was so excited and nervous. The time passed so fast. Before I knew it we were on our way to Nashville. That year I drove. We saw the sights and traffic on the way.

Nashville was everything that I thought it would be and more. Staying at Gaylord Palms is an event all on its own. Highly recommend this place. We stayed in the hotel that held the conference so that was wonderful and time-saving. Avon does provide shuttles if things are not within walking distance. We had training which opened my eyes to more of what Avon was about. I wanted to know more and go with it. Evenings you were on your own to meet up with other Reps or family.

One night in downtown Nashville, we had a BBQ dinner, which was delicious. Although it rained horribly that night. Avon leadership were inside the Wildhorse Saloon eating which was open just for Avon. Needless to say, the rest of us Representatives invaded their space. We had a private concert. Our very own, Donna Miles, hopped on stage and sang for us. At dark that night the bridge was lit up pink in honor of us.

It was also the beginning of many things too. The revamping of Avon U, which was needed. Espira was being launched and we were given samples to try. New incentive, Crusie Like A Boss, imagine going on a cruise with Avon. Social Selling was introduced, Scott and his team are amazing, they will help you with anything. There is no reason not to be posting daily, they make it easy for us. Avon, partnered with Project Runway. You can go back and watch those episodes too. A Boxes were here to stay. By the way, I love them!

Product Expo I discovered was the most exciting thing ever. Wow! To be able to see the latest things that are coming out for the holidays. You could touch them and take photos, nothing compares to seeing it up and close. You got to see the new Fundraising items that were coming out. Clothing, shoes, PJs look at the sizes and feel the material. Yup, I fell in love. I knew then that Avon was for me.

There is something about being in the crowd of women and few men, that just excites you and motivates you and your business. Amazing, I think everyone should do this at least once.

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Tips for New Avon Representatives

We have a lot of “newbies” in the group, so I thought I would share some important information! Some of you may know this. Sometimes we need reminders on things too!

1. Yes, we can place multiple orders in a campaign, BUT you will be charged a SHIPPING FEE each and every time you place those orders. The shipping fee starts at $7 and goes up depending on order size. Be sure to charge EACH of your customers a processing fee of at LEAST 75 cents. This will help offset the shipping fee that Avon charges reps. I recommend that you place ONE ORDER during the 2-week selling cycle. As your orders grow you may want to do a weekly order.

2. Be sure that you are charging EACH customer tax on their order. Avon charges reps tax, so we need to charge our customers tax. Find out what the sales tax is in your city.

3. If you need to return products, Avon gives reps ONE free returning shipping a month. Be sure to do your returns ONLINE through You can print out the shipping label online as well. I wait until the end of the month (if I have any returns) to send back products. I put them all in one box. Be sure you print out the shipping list and include it in the box. You can find return instructions on

4. If you ONLY want to order sales tools like brochures and samples, they will ship for FREE. Call Avon to order sales tools to get free shipping. Make sure you don’t have any products on backorder. VERY IMPORTANT! If you do, Avon will ship the backorder products with your sales tools and you will be charged the shipping fee. This is very important to know.

5. We don’t get “paid” by Avon. We collect customers’ money, Avon tells us how much we owe, we pay Avon the DISCOUNTED price and whatever is left over from our customers’ payments, those are our earnings. If you ONLY have online sales, those earnings are deposited into your account on the 1st and 15th. I believe that this may have changed to the end of the Campaign. Leaders receive direct deposit on their leadership checks every 2 weeks. If you want to know more about leadership, message me!

6. Be sure you are collecting 100% of your customer’s money up front so that you can pay Avon what they are requesting be paid up front. Training your customers to do this will save you so much heartache in the future, especially if you’re starting out with an account with $0 credit. If Avon doesn’t get the requested payment amount up front, you risk having your order being placed on hold until payment is settled.

This Tip is highly recommended, especially if it someone that you know. I don’t always PRACTICE this. Sometimes collecting money up front you are handing money back and forth when products are not in stock. This is a double edge thing. YOU do what is best for you and your customer. I will talk with you one on one if you want.

7. Daily Deals are awesome! Beware that they add up quickly. Daily deals are available every day at noon until they are sold out. You will find them at on the home page under Deals Central. This is something that you can’t remove from your order. NEVER put your business on hold for a single customer who can’t pay you until a certain date. Simply place their order on the next campaign (once they’ve paid you) and move on. Also… NEVER SPEND AVON MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE BUT YOUR AVON INVOICE. Once Avon is paid in full, THEN you can set aside the difference as your earnings. This is just good practice but sometimes life happens. If you need help with anything ask away. We will get you the information. If you think that we need to add something let me know.Hope these tips help!!

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How to Make A $1000 with Avon in 90 Days!

I know people think this can’t be done, however, I am here to tell that it can. There are very precise steps and you can do this too! This is no secret. The program has been around a few years and has made leaders quickly. Why not you? If Avon wants to toss money around, I say take it. I love collecting bonus money! I just earned $750. in just a bonus.

So do you want to know what this program is called? I know it took me a moment to get to it. Not a fancy name at all, it is KICKSTART! if you want a business and earn real money this is for you! But believe me, I am happy to sign people up that want just discounts on their Avon. This decision is yours and only yours. Remember though $1000 in 90 days is something to be super proud of. Big business uses employees to make them money. If you are lucky you will get a thank you! Somehow that doesn’t pay the bills. By all means, I would not tell you to leave your job, but you can sell Avon right along with working. On to the details!


I know it seems like a lot but NO it is all very simple! I am going to break it down into parts.

kickstart your earnings

How it works is that you meet your levels! The first campaign is an automatic 40% earnings! You should try to get a $150 order. In order to reach the levels you will want to talk to people the more you talk and follow up with the better you will be. As you talk to people invite them to sign up with you and you can learn together. With everything in life, there is a learning curve. For everyone that you recruit and they place a $150 order you will earn $50. This is only during your first 7 campaigns. After that, it is only $20. Make the most money that you can early on.

kickstart your earnings detail

Here you can see in better detail what you should try and achieve. The serious beauty boss will want these to make her money! This is just a guide. Your sales goals increase by $50 for each campaign. In order to achieve those easily you increase your customers. If you keep increasing customers and recruits in no time you will be at Presidents Club! Then you are guaranteed 40% on everything but clothing and shoes. That is another chapter for later. The key here is more customers equals more money $$. This is a very basic concept.

avon kick start calculator

This paper is the most important! This is your KICKSTART CALCULATOR this helps you keep track of things in the beginning. I will make sure that you get this for in your packet from me. It is also available on I know this seems overwhelming by now. That is why I am here to answer your questions on any of this. This is also why I created a packet for my team members. Success is right around the corner for you!


Join Team Beauty Bosses

First off, I would love for each and everyone one of you to join my team! Avon is more of a family than a job! When I stumbled upon Avon I was looking for a gift. In searching for this gift, I found a new job path, discounts, travel, contests, and an amazing group of friends! Also, I started building my team this year, which is something that you don’t have to do. I would encourage it, but not required.  I want to help you get started in this company that has been around for over 130 years! I am sure you have questions or will. I am here for you. I am loving my experience with Avon. There are so many reasons to join, What’s yours?

You can purchase any one of the three kits that are available. With each kit, you get full-size products. I have a small welcome that I send you to get you going as well. You can live anywhere in the USA, no need to be in the same state. I am sure you have questions or will. I am here for you. I am loving my experience with Avon. There are so many reasons to join, What’s yours?

Why would you not invest in yourself? You are your best employee. This is not just a job! It’s a passion and an investment in yourself! If money is the reason that is holding you back. Let’s talk, I still might be able to help you out! I can’t say it enough, I wish I started sooner rather than later! I am here to help you! If this is something you would be interested in, let’s chat!

The photo is showing you are current kit options and your investment amount!

Join Team Beauty Bosses!