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Campaign 25 Team Sales

NOTE: I am very sorry that this is coming out so late. As some of you already know, I have COVID and some days have been a struggle. I have attempted this a couple of times. Better late than not at all!

Campaign 25 produced quite a few challenge winners! I am so proud of you all. The best news is that we had some new teammates that became apart of the Sales Challenge! I love this! A big Congratulations on getting level 4, Michelle Kampwerth, you are shining bright. Level 2 winners are Angie, Jessica, and Kristina. Level 1 winners Ann, Rhonda, and Victoria you girls have done an amazing job.

If you are not part of our Facebook team page just click on the link and join our  Team Page on Facebook!


Number 1 in Sales for campaign 25 is Michelle Kampwerth with an outstanding $230 in sales! Way to go!

Our team sales for Campaign 25 is $1893 and YTD is $64,285. As a team, we are up 124% from last year’s sales. This is quite an achievement. If you haven’t started a team, this is another opportunity you may want to look into.

Campaign 25, Total Sales for 2020 are as follows:

NOTE: Online Sales are counted in with total sales for Campaign Sales!

A note Avon makes amazing Christmas gifts. Think about those people on your shopping list and get your orders in for Christmas. Family out of state? No problem, go to your online store and send it directly to them.

The key to selling is to share Avon with everyone you meet. Will Avon be for everyone? No, it will not. Do not take it personally. If you are not handing out brochures be sure to share those links with everyone and on all your social media posts.

You all should be very proud of each other. Some Campaigns are better than others. We are all a part of Avon and we should help and support each other. If there is something that you are unsure of, please ask. We are all here to support one another.