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Team Sales Campaign 21

Campaign 21, 2020 is over with and a big thank you to all who placed an order. The best news is that we had quite a few of you who won some part of the Sales Challenge! I love it and this was at different levels! A big congratulations to all of you! You girls have done an amazing job.

I am excited to have the holiday shopping come around. Now is the time to make plans on this. You can do Facebook events, hold an open house, and some areas they are having festivals or shows. Check with your churches or community to find out about events and festivals.

Have you ever thought of starting your own Avon Team? I am that I started mine I do wish that Avon had a better program for this. Keep in touch with your team. The lady that I was placed under decided to leave Avon all together, which left me on my own. Thank God for other leaders that wanted to share things along the way. Feel free to invite your team members to our Team Page on Facebook!


Our team sales for Campaign 21 are $ 55,524. As a team, we are up 72% from last year’s sales. This is quite an achievement all on its own. If you haven’t started a team, this is another option, too. Keep in mind I am here to help you with your team.

Defiantly can see some of you will be hitting the Premier Level which will give you an increase in commissions. For every $200 in Sales New Reps will get a $20 bonus. Pathway to Premier is for your first 8 campaigns only.

Campaign 21, Total Sales for 2020 are as follows:

NOTE: Online Sales are counted in with total sales for Campaign Sales!

You all should be very proud of each other. Some Campaigns are better than others. We are all a part of this and support each other. If there is something that you are unsure of, please ask. WE are all here to support one another.

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