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Campaign 18 Sales

Wow! What can I say you all are amazing! There are so many people that are in different stages with Avon. Please feel free to reach out and ask anyone of us if you have any questions. I know that Avon can be very overwhelming at times. There is lots to take in and two weeks goes by faster than you think.

The Sales Challenge

During Campaign 18, I decided to create a Sales Challenge. The Sales Challenge is selling Avon, I think we needed something to kick off 4 quarter. The Sales Challenge was to sell $225 for each of the campaigns, which is Campaigns 18, 19, and 20. I am so proud that two of our teammates achieved this. A big Congratulations, to Lisa Torres and Michelle Kampwerth. This was above and beyond since the challenge was announced 5 days before the campaign ended. Awesome selling to you both!

Now lets see who will be a winner in Campaign 19! if you have recently started a team. Make sure they know about the challenge and feel free to invite them to our Team Page on Facebook!


Defiantly can see some of you will be hitting the Premier Level which will give you an increases in commissions. For every $200 in Sales New Reps will get a $20 bonus. Campaign 18 Sales for 2020 are as follows:

You all should be very proud of each other. Some Campaigns are better than others. We are all a part of this and support each other. If there is something that you are unsure of, please ask.

Stay focused, keep up with Avon U, and make sure you are using Avon Social. If you need help with anything, text, call, or email me.

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Campaign 17 Sales

Campaign 17 seemed to start off a bit slow. I was happy to see it picked up in the end. What are your thoughts on this?

You all are very amazing people, so grateful to have you apart of the team. If you are not apart of our team Facebook page, please join us, click on the link or copy and paste. For those of you that have started a team please go ahead and add them.

During the summer it is so hard to figure out customers. Distractions are abundant while the kids are out of school. It is more important than ever to follow up with your customers. This is a weak spot for me, trust me on this. I am getting better with it. I forget things all the time, I need to keep notes and alerts on my phone.

WE are all still battling COVID and businesses opening and closing. If you are not able to get out, keep posting on all of your social media accounts. Avon has a great program that you will help you called Avon Social. Take advantage of this if you are not using it.

You all should be reaching out to past customers, take advantage of My Dashboard. You can find this on> go to Manage Business> then My Dashboard is there. This will tell you more about whom to follow up.