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Team Sales Campaign 5, 2019

Sorry that I have not sent this out sooner!

After all that is happening in the Avon world, I am happy to say Sales are still in the upswing. Sales through holidays can be tricky trying to decide what will sell, well honestly there are no answers. You never know what the Avon customer will be looking for next.

I want to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for this team. Whether you are out selling, helping someone else out, or just lending an ear for someone to vent too. Believe me, you are helping us all out. Thank You!

Congratulations to all of you that put Orders in for Campaign 5. Give yourself a round of applause. You deserve every bit of it! WOOHOO! I am proud of you all. No order is ever too small. You are out there making yourselves known. Customers are loyal to their Avon Favorites. With that said POST, POST, AND POST more for those incentives and money.

The quote below is one of my favorites, it is what Avon is all about! Selling Avon is not difficult, it is something that you have to be consistent with. The number one thing I hear from my customers is “Will you be here in a month?” Share your links, if you do not know how just ask. Deliver your books, you bought now use them.