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Repfest 2017

This seems so long ago and in fact, it was only two years. This would be the first Avon RepFest that I would attend. I was so excited and nervous. The time passed so fast. Before I knew it we were on our way to Nashville. That year I drove. We saw the sights and traffic on the way.

Nashville was everything that I thought it would be and more. Staying at Gaylord Palms is an event all on its own. Highly recommend this place. We stayed in the hotel that held the conference so that was wonderful and time-saving. Avon does provide shuttles if things are not within walking distance. We had training which opened my eyes to more of what Avon was about. I wanted to know more and go with it. Evenings you were on your own to meet up with other Reps or family.

One night in downtown Nashville, we had a BBQ dinner, which was delicious. Although it rained horribly that night. Avon leadership were inside the Wildhorse Saloon eating which was open just for Avon. Needless to say, the rest of us Representatives invaded their space. We had a private concert. Our very own, Donna Miles, hopped on stage and sang for us. At dark that night the bridge was lit up pink in honor of us.

It was also the beginning of many things too. The revamping of Avon U, which was needed. Espira was being launched and we were given samples to try. New incentive, Crusie Like A Boss, imagine going on a cruise with Avon. Social Selling was introduced, Scott and his team are amazing, they will help you with anything. There is no reason not to be posting daily, they make it easy for us. Avon, partnered with Project Runway. You can go back and watch those episodes too. A Boxes were here to stay. By the way, I love them!

Product Expo I discovered was the most exciting thing ever. Wow! To be able to see the latest things that are coming out for the holidays. You could touch them and take photos, nothing compares to seeing it up and close. You got to see the new Fundraising items that were coming out. Clothing, shoes, PJs look at the sizes and feel the material. Yup, I fell in love. I knew then that Avon was for me.

There is something about being in the crowd of women and few men, that just excites you and motivates you and your business. Amazing, I think everyone should do this at least once.